The Municipality of Livadia belongs to the region of Central Greece and is the capital of the Prefecture of Viotia. Over the past years, the Municipality has been engaged in the implementation of various programmes related to the sectors of culture, environment and mainly to migration and refugee reception and integration. Furthermore, the Municipality makes efforts to address and prevent negative trends adopting improved strategies to prevent discrimination and marginalization and promote social cohesion. In parallel, the Municipality of Livadia tries to respond to the high demands modern society faces by adapting to the new era and implementing projects which promote digital transformation and circular economy. 

The Municipality of Livadia, through its participation in the MUST-a-Lab programme, focuses on the enhancement of the dialogue between migrants, stakeholders and civil society. Given the fact that the innovative methodology, applied by the Policy Labs, has never been applied in the Municipality, it is expected that it will foster the interaction between the stakeholders and the people involved in social integration procedures. Thus, the existing gaps and the local integration strategies will be documented and reviewed with the aim new improved strategies to be designed for the better service of migrants and the improvement of the working life of the stakeholders.

In this way, the social cohesion and the development of the local society will be ensured. Sharing common challenges and difficulties with other citizens around Europe, Municipality of Livadia is willing to participate in consortiums and networks, exchange views, adopt good practices and acquire more knowledge by being in contact with countries who have long standing experience in various sectors.

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