The municipality of Livadia covers an area of 694.016 km2 (267.961 sq mi), the municipal unit of Livadia 166.691 km2 (64.360 sq mi) and the community 139.614 km2 (53.905 sq mi). The municipality Livadia was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 5 former municipalities, that became municipal units namely Chaironia, Davlia, Koronia, Kyriaki and Livadia.

The Municipality belongs to the region of Central Greece and is the capital of the Prefecture of Viotia. The Munipality of Livadia, though its Public Benefit Organization (K.E.DH.L.) has acquired expertise and experience in the management of vulnerable social groups such as refugees and migrants. It is expected that the Municipality will further improve the services provided to TCNs through its participation in several, respective programmes and its interaction and collaboration with other experienced Municipalities across Europe. It is also worth mentioning that the innovative methodology of Policy Labs will bring about an increased participation of TCNs in the dialogue with stakeholders while the latter will have the opportunity to suggest ways of improving the services provided to the former.

The fact that this methodology has never been applied in the Municipality is expected to foster the dialogue and interaction of the people involved in the Project. Having identified the need for improving the current situation, the Municipality will also pave the way for other Greek cities to follow the Policy-Labs practice.

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