The 3rd Policy Lab of “MUST-a-Lab” Programme was conducted in Livadia

On October 30, 2023 the 3rd Policy Lab was held at the Old Town Hall, in which twenty (20) people participated in the context of the Programme “Multi-STakeholder Labs for migrants and stakeholders (MUST-a-Lab)” implemented in Livadia.

The meeting was attended by migrants, representatives of the civil society as well as stakeholders involved in the integration process of third-country nationals.

Everyone’s participation in the 3rd Policy Lab was deemed extremely important. Through active participation and constructive dialogue, the central points and results derived from the two previous policy labs were analyzed regarding the integration processes applied in the sector of health, education, employment and citizen services. In addition, the participants were presented, among others, the micro-experiment, conducted over the last six months, as an integral part of the implementation of the “MUST-a-Lab” programme, with the title: The development of an effective communication strategy to strengthen the dialogue between migrants and stakeholders. The main objective of the 3rd Policy Lab was to gather recommendations for the improvement of the local integration strategies.

The Mayor of Livadia, Ioannis D. Tagalegas, thanks everyone who allocated their time to participate in the activities of the 3rd Policy Lab and helped to promote social cohesion, which is the main goal of this programme. In addition, he pointed out that Municipality of Livadia, through the implementation of various European Programmes, constantly seeks progress through the adoption of good practices and innovative methodologies. Summarizing, Mr. Tagalegas emphasized that the exchange of views, the strengthening of synergies at the local, national and transnational level as well as the activation of both stakeholders and citizens determine the quality of our life and can contribute to a better society.