Fuenlabrada is one of the youngest cities in the south of Madrid. Its population grew rapidly over the past 60 years; and its active citizen participation is the main feature that characterized it and the motor that has facilitated social cohesion, diversity, and coexistence. Population, in general, has been heavily involved in social events, striving for equality and social justice.
In this context, since the Municipality was established, it has always worked in favour of coexistence, social equality and building new opportunities, without leaving the most disadvantaged behind.
In addition, while the city was growing the Municipality was doing its best to adapt to the new needs and the international and global changes.
In this sense, the Municipality of Fuenlabrada is not only recognised by its Social Welfare Department, for having been a European City of Sport 2019 or for being a finalist for the European Youth Capital 2025, but above all, for promoting citizen participation and the maintenance of more than 500 associations around the City. This is the main reason why MUST a Lab Project is essential for Fuenlabrada. It will help the Municipality to establish a dynamic, fair and participatory methodology of design, renovation and execution of public policies based on values such as tolerance, respect and diversity.

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Durante el mes de febrero, han comenzado a implementarse algunas de las recomendaciones resultantes del desarrollo del proyecto MUST-a-Lab. Por un lado, se esta trabajando

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