I participate and you, do you dare to participate?

On 24 November, the closing of the M-E in Fuenlabrada took place, whose central axis has been the participation of young people. We can say that it has been a great success. Starting with the creation of the working group MUST_FuenLab where the participation of the seven young people has been constant. This group has achieved high levels of youth participation in the M-E period thanks to its vision of the needs of the young population, especially racialised youth and youth of migrant descent. During the Labs organised together with the Table for Coexistence, more than 50% of the participants were under 35 years of age, 35% of whom had a migrant background. These debates reflected the need to continue creating representative spaces for the young population of migrant descent.

During the months that the M-E has lasted, they have launched the campaign “I participate, and you, do you dare to participate?” where they have collected more than 200 youth surveys, which reflect the needs and demands of the young population regarding participation. In these surveys, we can highlight issues such as the feeling of lack of social skills to participate in some spaces, or the motivation of young people to have meeting spaces with political representatives such as those generated in the Policy Labs.

Finally, during the Youth Plenary, more than 50 young people met to present their needs and proposals to different political representatives. During this meeting, issues such as representativeness, the need for meeting spaces with political representatives and training were once again put on the table.

All these aspects will be the central themes of the third laboratory in the city of Fuenlabrada, which will take place on 16 December.