Third Policy Lab in Mechelen!

On November 16th, the third Policy Lab took place in Mechelen. The Policy Lab group, consisting of teachers, parents and policy makers, came together for the last workshop.
The group evaluated all three micro experiments:
1) Make diversity visible at school during a full year
2) Group activities to build connection between teachers and student
3) Scenario proposal: Mosaic in education

The discussion about what makes an experiment successful and which lessons can be learned from less successful experiments led to several interesting conclusions:
– Sometimes there is more value in the process than in the result of an experiment;
– Recommendations based on experiments do not necessarily have to relate to the experiment as a whole, but can also be based the most successful aspects of the activities.

Working in small groups, the participants brainstormed about the policy recommendations that can be derived from the micro-experiments.
The final version of those recommendations will be discussed during one last, informal, meeting in December.