“Fuenlabrada in colors” as part of the Micro-Experiment in Fuenlabrada.

This October, the young people of the MUST-a-Lab project have begun their campaign to disseminate the Debate Laboratories organized by the Coexistence Table.

During these days, young people have put on the table the need to talk about stereotypes, migration, the creation of identity in the so-called “second generations” or barriers that youth of migrant ancestry may encounter in their daily lives. This year, the young people of the Must-a-Lab project seek to get more young people closer to these spaces of participation, offering, in addition to topics closer to them, well-known speakers in the field of culture or music, among others.

This dissemination of the laboratories is being carried out through Instagram’s own social network @must_fuenlab, posters in High Schools and universities, and distributions among the young people themselves.