3rd Local Stakeholders Reference Group Meeting in Livadia in the context of “MUST-a-Lab” Project implementation

On Monday, November 13, 2023, at the Mayor’s office in Livadia, the 3rd Meeting of the Local Stakeholders Reference Group (LSRG) of the European Programme: “MUlti-STakeholder Labs for migrants and stakeholders (MUST-a-Lab)” was held.

The members of the LSRG of the programme, who participated in the 3rd meeting, headed by the Mayor of Livadia Mr. Ioannis D. Tagalega, were the Director of Primary Education of Viotia, Mrs. Giota Chouliara-Sidera, the Representative of the Board of Directors of Viotia Chamber of Commerce in the Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce Mr. Dimitris Michas, the General Secretary of the Municipality of Livadia Mr. Georgios Ziogas as well as the Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Municipality of Livadia Mr. Andreas Stamatakis.

During the meeting, the project team provided detailed information to the LSRG on the results of the micro-research entitled: “The development of an effective Communication Strategy” with the aim of strengthening the dialogue between migrants and stakeholders involved in the integration procedures. In addition, the recommendations on strengthening social integration were presented, as formulated by the representatives of stakeholders and migrants, during their participation in the three Policy Labs.

The members of the LSRG, after analyzing the specific recommendations, processed them so that they meet all the criteria to be feasible. They also declared their willingness to contribute to the promotion of the recommendations either through supporting them during councils, meetings and competent committees or by actively contributing to the implementation of specific actions to improve local integration strategies.

The Mayor of Livadia, Mr. Ioannis D. Tagalegas, thanked all the members of LSRG for their effective participation in the meetings as well as their positive contribution to the implementation of the European programme in our town. He also stated that the Municipality of Livadia, recognizing the value of European programmes and taking into account the local context, will continue to pursue the development of good practices with the main aim to build a better future for our place and improve the quality of life for citizens.