4th Meeting of Local Stakeholders Reference Group in the context of “MUST-a-Lab” Programme in Livadia

On Thursday 17 April 2024, the 4th Meeting of the Local Stakeholders Reference Group of the Programme “MUlti-STakeholder Labs for migrants and stakeholders (MUST-a-Lab) was held at the office of the Mayor of Livadia.

The newly formed Group consists of the Mayor of Livadia, Mr. Dimitris K. Karamanis, the vice Mayor, Ms. Katerina Papavasiliou, the President of the Chamber of Viotia, Mr. Panagiotis Agniadis, the Director of Primary Education of Viotia, Ms. Giota Houliara-Sideras, as well as the Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the Municipality of Livadia, Mr. Andreas Stamatakis.

During the meeting the members of the Local Stakeholders Reference Group were thoroughly informed by the Project Team regarding the purpose, the course of the Programme as well as the recommendations gathered during the Policy Labs for the design of improved local integration strategies. Specifically, following a meticulous review of the recommendations made by migrants and stakeholders – involved in integration procedures – innovative actions and services were examined and analyzed which will facilitate the support and integration of third-country nationals into the local society. The Mayor of Livadia, Mr. Dimitris K. Karamanis, thanked the members of the Local Stakeholders Reference Group as well as the staff members of the European Programme Administration for their substantial participation in the meeting and their contribution to the planning of actions with the aim of implementing improved local integration policies. Also, Mr. Karamanis pointed out that the European Programmes require the cooperation of stakeholders and services of the Municipality for the establishment of good practices and their reproduction to help other vulnerable social groups, contributing to the improvement of everyday life and the quality of life of the citizens.