Participation of the MUST-a-Lab Project Team from Livadia in the Meeting of S.E.M.P. of the Municipality of Athens

The Project Team from the Municipality of Livadia, responsible for the implementation of the European programme “MUlti-STakeholder Labs for migrants and stakeholders (MUST-a-Lab), visited, on May 21, 2024, the Municipality of Athens and participated in the 3rd Meeting of the Council for the Integration of Migrants and Refugees (S.E.M.P.).

The S.E.M.P. of the Municipality of Athens is an advisory body for the strengthening of the Integration of Migrants and Refugees in the local society. New president of S.E.M.P. is the Deputy Mayor for Social Integration of Migrants and Refugees, Mr. Thanasis Chimonas. The Council Members are the following: municipal councillors, representatives of civil society organizations as well as representatives of migrants and refugees.

During the meeting, the “MUST-a-Lab” Project Team from the Municipality of Livadia made a detailed presentation of the Programme focusing on the objective and innovative methodology of the Policy Labs. In addition, the Policy Labs recommendations were highlighted, which were derived from the participation of organizations and migrants in the specific workshops held in Livadia, in 2023.

The presentation of the implementation of the specific Programme was fully accepted and aroused the interest of the President of S.E.M.P. and Deputy Mayor Mr. Heimonas as well as the interest of the organizations that participated in the meeting. The Mayor of Livadia, Mr. Dimitris K. Karamanis warmly thanks the Municipality of Athens for the cooperation in the context of disseminating the “MUST-a-Lab” Programme promoting its sustainability. In addition, Mr. Karamanis emphasized that the Municipality of Livadia will continue to pursue the implementation of European programmes that help vulnerable groups of citizens and strengthen democratic participatory processes.