“FormAZIONE”: a Modena micro-experiment

In the city of Modena several voluntary associations help migrants to learn Italian. These volunteer teachers are a precious resource, because they teach for free tomigrants who are in financial difficulty helping them to obtain a language certification.

However, many volunteers don’t have any qualifications in teaching Italian as a second language.

For this reason, the Municipality of Modena, in collaboration with the association “Casa delle Culture”, has organized “FormAZIONE”, a training and discussion course for volunteer teachers that was held between October and early November 2023.

The 30 available places sold out within a few days of registration opening and many more people expressed their desire to participate. We didn’t expect such a success of this initiative!

The topics covered in the course were: teaching to poorly literate people, the importance of reading, learning Italian through new digital technologies, language certification exams and how to simplify a text for students.

Furthermore, the lessons were accompanied by the testimonies of boys and girls with migratory background who spoke about their experience in learning Italian, the problems they faced in learning Italian and which strategies helped them.

The majority of volunteers participated actively and was satisfied with “FormAZIONE”.

We can say that this M-E was a success!