The third Policy Lab of Modena

The Third Policy Lab in Modena was held on November 8 and 11, 2023.

After seven months of working hard to carry out the micro-experiments, the group met again to conclude the MUST-a-Lab participatory process.

In the first meeting, we illustrated the 3 micro-experiments: “Rights for all”, the meetings on labor law and citizenship, the training (“FormAZIONE”) for volunteers who teach Italian to migrants, and finally, the thematic map for orientation and access to services dedicated to foreign students and workers who have just arrived in Modena.

The assembly discussed the positive and negative sides of micro-experiments, suggesting actions to improve them.

On the second day the participants wrote the recommendations for the City of Modena. Divided into pairs, they wrote down their ideas on 6 topics: Italian language, labor law and citizenship, information and access to services, sport, volunteering and jobs for students.

Not everyone agreed on some points so there was a plenary discussion to resolve these differences.

The Third Policy Lab ended with a long list of recommendations to the city of Modena in order to improve local policies. Both young people with migrant background and local stakeholders were satisfied with the experience made thanks to MUST-a-Lab.

However, the challenges for the Municipality of Modena have just begun: the aim is to implement the recommendations in the years to come!