A map of Modena services for migrants

During the first two Policy Labs the topic of communication, information and access to services was indicated as the most urgent. Many young migrants have told us that they find difficult finding informations  in the city administration web site, which  is not very friendly use and it’s only in italian. The rigidity of ministerial guidelines on public administration websites and the fragmentation of offices makes orientation difficult among all services, especially for those who are not native Italian speakers.

For this reason, the Municipality of Modena is creating a thematic map in 4 languages dedicated to migrants who have just arrived in Modena. It indicates the main places where you can go to request documents, learn Italian, look for a job or get medical assistance.

During the third Policy Lab a first draft of the map was presented to the group and we received many feedbacks from the participants, that will be integrated in the final version on the map that will be published in February 2024.