Vienna’s chosen Micro-Experiments

Three thematic fields were identified as current challenges in the fields of “education and participation” during the first policy lab in Vienna (23.2.23) and transformed into three practical micro experiments during the second policy lab in Vienna (27.4.23).

These piloting activities aim at promoting social cohesion as well as education and participation opportunities at a local level. The participants of the policy lab have formed cross-district working groups for each micro experiment, which are also open to other interested stakeholders.

Over the summer, the three micro experiments will be further elaborated and then implemented from September to November. The entire process is coordinated by the Human Rights Office of the City of Vienna. The results of the piloting activities as well as their continuation possibilities will be presented and discussed at the third policy lab (16.11.2023) together with the Policy Lab participants, the local stakeholders group and other experts.