Must-FuenLab: Young people take the lead in participation in Fuenlabrada

Following the development of the Policy Labs in Fuenlabrada, one of the main highlighted issues was the need to position youth, especially youth of migrant descent, in a leading role.

The young participants of the policy labs proposed within the Micro-experimentation the creation of an intermediate group to give their vision as young people within some of the actions that are developed in the city of Fuenlabrada.

Among these actions the selected ones during Policy Lab 2 were:

  • Collaboration in the Debate Laboratories organised by “Mesa por la Convivencia”. The Must-FUENLab group will take a leading role in this action.
  • Collaboration in the Youth Plenary Session which is organised by the Fuenlabrada Youth Council.
  • Gathering of youth proposals on youth participation that will make it possible to focus the policy recommendations following the Micro-experimentation on the participatory reality of the city’s racialised youth population.

Most of these actions are currently taking place in our city until November.