The development of an effective Communication Strategy is the micro-experiment for Livadia

After having implemented the 1st and 2nd Policy Lab and taking into consideration all the information received and the recommendations provided by the participants, we came up with the idea to develop a specific Communication Strategy in Livadia.

The objective of this particular strategy is to maintain and enhance the dialogue between migrants and stakeholders, provide help to migrants that are not fully informed about the Municipal services in Livadia, highlight the problems and find solutions, promote effective activities for migrants’ integration in the local society.

The Communication Strategy will be based on the creation of a Facebook group/page. Furthermore, additional information will be provided via the official website of the Municipality, as well as through the Facebook account of the Municipality. Various communication channels will be created that will contain reliable information, connect, and support third-country nationals and stakeholders as well. In addition, several other actions will be organized such as info days, education courses, articles, newsletter, and leaflets. We strive to activate all the stakeholders and citizens involved and achieve the prosperity of our city.