Diritti per tutt* “Rights for all” in Modena

In Italy, finding a job is often tough for young people and it can be tougher for those who have a migratory background. In fact, both cultural and linguistic differences and the complexity of laws can create disorientation and expose youngster to exploitation.
For this reason, the Municipality of Modena, thanks to the MUST-a-Lab project, organized “Rights for all”, a cycle of 3 information meetings on labor law and citizenship which were held in September 2023, at Galleria Europa in Modena. These meetings are the result of a need expressed by the PL partecipants and of a coordinated work with a few stakeholder, labor unions, competent on these issues.
In the first evening, Domenico Chiatto, from CISL Union, illustrated the main differences between employment contracts, highlighting the elements to pay attention in order to avoid abuses by employers and fight illegal work.
In the second appointment, Irene Parisi, from CGIL Union, held a lesson on safety at work, talking about prevention, accidents and occupational diseases.This topic is very urgent in Italy, because the number of fatal accidents in the workplace is still very high.
Finally, the lawyer Danaida Delaj, specialized in criminal and immigration law, illustrated the different work-related residence permits and the different methods and requirements for acquiring Italian citizenship.