The 2nd Policy Lab conducted in Livadia

On Monday 20 March 2023, the 2nd Policy Lab was held at the Old Town Hall, in which 15 people participated in the context of the Programme “Multi-STakeholder Labs for migrants and stakeholders (MUST-a-Lab)».

The meeting was attended by migrants and stakeholders in health, education, labour and citizen service sector. The aim of the specific labs is to reinforce the dialogue between the stakeholders involved in integration and migrants in order to discuss the existing procedures and gather the needs of third-country nationals contributing to the improvement of local integration strategies.

During the 2nd Policy Lab, the proposals submitted in the 1st Policy Lab were analyzed as well as good practices were presented in each of the sectors, which started a constructive dialogue based on the needs of our local society and the gathering of new proposals.

The Mayor of Livadia Ioannis D. Tagalegas thanks everyone who took part in the activities of the 2nd Policy Lab scheduling their next appointment for the 3rd Policy Lab on November 13, 2023. He also pointed out that the participation of the stakeholders’ and migrants’ representatives in the Policy Labs is valuable for the proper implementation of “MUST-a-Lab” Programme funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Commission. Summing up, Mr. Tagalegas emphasized that it is an honour for the Municipality of Livadia to implement a programme that focuses on people and strengthens human values ​​such as dialogue, solidarity and respect.