MUST-a-Lab Preparatory Workshop for migrants and stakeholders in Livadia

In the context of the European Programme “MUlti-STakeholder Labs for migrants and stakeholders (MUST-a-Lab)” implemented in Livadia, the Preparatory Workshop for migrants and stakeholders was held on Tuesday December 20, 2022, at the Old Town Hall of Livadia.

The Workshop was attended by 25 people in total, migrants and stakeholders from the health, education, work and citizen service sectors. The purpose of the Preparatory Workshop was to inform, prepare and train the involved stakeholders and migrants to have an active role in the three (3) Policy Labs that will follow during 2023. Through the operation of the Policy Labs and the promotion of the dialogue between stakeholders and migrants, the aim is to record the needs for the planning of effective integration policies that will facilitate the stakeholders and migrants in their daily lives.

The Mayor of Livadia, Ioannis D. Tagalegas, participated in the Preparatory Workshop of MUST-a-Lab and thanked everyone who took part in the  activities, emphasizing that the participation of the Municipality in the specific three-year European Programme with funding from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of European Commission will significantly contribute to the collection of the necessary information with the aim of redesigning local integration strategies in cooperation with European partners. Finally, Mr. Tagalegas pointed out that the Municipality of Livadia will continue to pursue the implementation of European Programmes that promote our city and contribute to its development.