Micro Experiment “How’s that job working out? Job perspectives for young adults”

The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as multiple crises of the present, are increasing mental illnesses and financial pressure on youth, particularly those who come from low-income families. Fears for the future, frustration, social segregation and increasing economic inequality are the consequences.
Studies show that the income and socio-economic status of parents have a decisive influence on their children’s lives and that education and opportunities are still inherited.
Youth at risk of poverty often enter the labour market early in order to contribute to the family income. At the same time, people with migration biographies or asylum seekers also have more difficulties in the labour market and often face prejudice and discrimination.

Within the project “How’s that job working out?- Job perspectives for young adults” excursions to local companies are organised for young adults (14-19 years old), in order to bring employers and prospect seeking young people together. In a relaxed atmosphere employees, representing role models, inform about job possibilities and career paths and tell about their own socioeconomic background their career. They answer questions from the young adults and inspire and motivate them with their own success stories. Those excursions and interactions between companies and young adults will be filmed and shared as short clips online in order to reach and motivate additional young people.
Excursions to Wiener Linien (public transportation), the police and the fire brigade are planned for September and October.