Review: MUST-a-Lab Kick-Off Event “Education & Participation”

In cooperation with the Human Rights Districts Neubau, Favoriten and Meidling, the Human Rights Office of the City of Vienna invited numerous stakeholders to the project kick-off on 18 January 2023 to present the main goals of MUST-a-Lab.

Host Markus Reiter, district mayor of Neubau, welcomed the 60 participants of the event together with Marcus Franz, district mayor of Favoriten and Wilfried Zankl, district mayor of Meidling.

Human Rights Commissioner of the City of Vienna, Shams Asadi, emphasised the high level of commitment and the various human rights activities at a local level. Since 2019, the local anchoring of human rights and the awareness raising among the population have been increasingly strengthened.

Building on this success, the human rights districts of Neubau, Favoriten and Meidling are now inviting citizens to shape future human rights activities, with a special focus on education and participation. Within the participatory format “policy lab” local stakeholders (from politics, administration, educational institutions, organisations and associations) are invited to come together, share their different perspectives on the topic, and identify possible fields of action. The aim is to jointly develop new ideas and strategies to promote social cohesion and participation in the city.