MUST-a-Lab first year training activities

During the opening year of the MUST-a-Lab project, the consortium has undertaken and achieved one of the main objectives of the project, namely the design and development of different training initiatives for Policy Makers and future Policy Labs’ Facilitators.

The first capacity building took place on October 6th, on the occasion of the second project meeting, hosted by the Ayuntamiento de Fuenlabrada. It was mainly aimed at preparing Policy Makers and local government administrators – who joined the project partnership in-person – for the Policy Lab innovative approach, as well as to engage in open dialogue with all the relevant stakeholders in view of reviewing and reshaping current policies.

On the other hand, the MUST-a-Lab project Capacity Building for future Policy Labs’ Facilitators took place in Sanremo (Italy) from November 23rd to November 25th, hosted by the International Institute of Humanitarian law. 14 Facilitators selected by five partner cities – Mechelen (Belgium), Vienna (Austria), Livadia (Greece), Modena (Italy) and Fuenlabrada (Spain) – attended the three-day Capacity Building to deepen their knowledge of the most actual facilitation methodologies, the management of the Policy Labs as a new tool and its main success factors.
The Italian Capacity Building was structured so as to cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of Policy Labs cycles and of facilitation.

The training activities were finally concluded by an online session, held on December 15th and coordinated by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, dedicated to training methods and techniques: in fact, the Facilitators will be required to deliver a preparatory workshop for grassroots Stakeholders in their own cities. 

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