MUST-a-Lab in Fuenlabrada

Fuenlabrada is a city that stands out for the implementation of projects that promote integration, cohesion and the coexistence of its population. This is represented by its involvement in the Must-a-Lab project, aimed at increasing the participation of youngsters of migrant descent in the city’s life, creating cross-sectional and inclusive policies that encompass youth in Fuenlabrada.
Since the launching of the project, many stakeholders have been aware of the existence of this new participatory methodology. In its presentation session, more than 100 people from different areas of society, youth organizations, social welfare resources and educational resources, among others, were able to learn first-hand about the project.

During the month of February, the first Policy Lab took place in Fuenlabrada, with the participation of 25 key actors, including young people of migrant descent, a key target to Fuenlabrada’s participation in the Must -a – Lab project. During this laboratory, young people of migrant descent stressed that they did not need a separate policy strategy, but policies with a real inclusive perspective that took into account the difficulties and needs they experience when it comes to participation. 
These initial needs were developed collaboratively during the sessions of the second Policy Lab, to find answers that could be implemented in our city from June to December 2023. Making young people feel they have the lead role in decision making and creating commitment and involvement to develop future actions has, beyond the shadow of a doubt, been the biggest accomplishment.