“Modena for all” – the map dedicated to migrant people

During the policy labs, the topics of communication, information and access to services for people with a migratory background were considered priorities. For this reason, a first draft of the map for the orientation of people who had just arrived in Modena was created as a micro-experiment.

Following the suggestions that the participants expressed in the third policy lab and in the Recommendations, the Youth and Communication Offices of the Municipality of Modena have created the definitive version of “Modena for all – a guide to Modena services for migrant people”. The map collects basic information on orientation, documents, health, learning the Italian language, work and culture.

“Modena for all” is in four languages: Italian, English, French and Arabic. You can download it from the Municipality website at the following link: Modena per tutti – Comune di Modena

We have also printed a few thousand paper maps that we will distribute in the various services and information points of the city!