Meeting of the Local Stakeholders Reference Group in Fuenlabrada and next steps

The first Local Stakeholders Reference Group took place in “Los Arcos” a space of great representativeness for the youth of the city, since for many years it was the inter-association space for numerous youth organisations in Fuenlabrada.

Different representatives of stakeholders linked to youth, integration, participation, employment, and civil protection took part in the session, facilitating an understanding dialogue, based on respect and a desire to improve the dynamics of youth participation.

During this meeting it was concluded that in Fuenlabrada it was not necessary to give a “complete overhaul” to the policies of inclusion, participation and youth, but to introduce small changes that would bring them closer to the young population of the city.

Likewise, it was established that it was important to create a sense of awareness of the importance of the role of young people in the participation and development of the city and the creation of a youth group to set up the Must-a-Lab Microexperimentation was positively valued.

Finally, the high involvement and commitment of the LSRG, facilitated their willingness to actively collaborate in a specific part of the micro-experimentation.